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How To Choose The Right Plastic Surgeon – Infographic

Jul. 11, 2013 by Dr. Frank | Leave a comment

Getting plastic surgery can be a daunting decision for most people. There are many factors that make a doctor the right or wrong choice. The best thing you can do is meet your doctor ahead of time to not only get to know their personality but to also understand the types of procedures they offer and find out what will work best for you. Some of the most important qualities to look for in your plastic surgeon are experience, understanding and training.

Your Plastic Surgeon’s Background Is Important

Most people are surprised at the fact that not all cosmetic surgeons are plastic surgeons. To be considered a certified plastic surgeon, one must complete a residency and pass many certifying exams. One way to know if your surgeon has put in the time to become board-certified is to ask them. Other good indicators are whether or not they operate in an accredited surgical facility or if they have privileges to use hospital facilities for special cases.

Your plastic surgeon’s experience will also dictate how much they know about new procedures and new technology. The field of plastic surgery isn’t static. There are new developments in how procedures are executed and the materials that are used in such procedures. You’ll want a plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable enough to teach you about which procedures will be right for your needs. This will require understanding and listening on the part of the surgeon so don’t go with a doctor who is rushing through your consultation or is cornering you into a procedure you’re not interested in.

Choosing the right Chicago plastic surgeon means finding a person you can trust and who makes you feel comfortable with the procedure you choose to go with. The countless number of factors that go into making the decision are recognized by plastic surgeons all over the country. In a post by DeLuca Plastic Surgery, they put together a set of slides to outline some further qualities to consider when choosing the right plastic surgeon.

Does Your Surgeon Come Highly Recommended?

One of the best ways to determine a surgeon’s credibility is to talk to your own doctor. See who they recommend and who they send most of their patients to. Ask your friends and family who have had plastic surgery work done. They can tell you what they liked or didn’t like and guide you to making the right choice. A good way to see patient “approval” of a surgeon is to look at the before and after photos. Chances are if the surgeon’s website or brochures have photos of real patients, the patients were pleased with the outcomes and wanted to express their satisfaction to future patients.

There are many reasons and factors to consider when looking for your plastic surgeon and the graphic below delves into 12 different aspects you should consider.

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how to choose the right chicago plastic surgeon infographic

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